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The Best Birth Control Apps for Cycle or Fertility Tracking

Discover the first FDA cleared birth control app with zero side effects, plus no prescription needed. Go hormone-free with Natural Cycles birth control …

Whether you’re trying to track your fertility or prevent an unintended pregnancy, there’s a birth control app to fit your lifestyle and health needs.

Natural Cycles Birth Control | No Hormones or Side Effects

A period tracker and birth control app powered by Planned Parenthood. Track your period, cycle, fertility, or any method that affects your cycle, including pill …

Discover the first FDA cleared birth control app with zero side effects, plus no prescription needed. Go hormone-free with Natural Cycles birth control today.

Spot On Period Tracker – Planned Parenthood

Period Tracker & Birth Control Tracker | Planned Parenthood

Clue. This app tracks your period, PMS, and fertility window, while also tracking options like cramps, skin, hair, and sleep, to help you understand …

Track your period and your birth control with Spot On- Planned Parenthood’s period tracker app for iOS and Android. Download today.

Wellness Apps You Can Use to Track Birth Control – WebMD

Birth Control Apps: What They Do, How They Work

9. nov. 2022 — Overall, Natural Cycles is the best birth control app. It is FDA approved as birth control, simple to use, affordable in comparison to other …

How do birth control apps work? Can I use a cycle tracking app for birth control? How do I find a reliable fertility app? Learn about apps for cycle tracking, fertility, family planning, and birth control.

Best Birth Control Delivery Services – Verywell Health

Best Birth Control Delivery Services

NC° Birth Control · NC° Plan Pregnancy ○ NEW: Natural Cycles° is working with smart ring innovators, ŌURA, to create a seamless experience for those …

Birth control apps can be great resources to navigate the various areas of contraception. Check out these helpful contraceptive apps.

Natural Cycles – Birth Control – Apps on Google Play

“This new period tracking app is a serious game-changer.” — Teen Vogue Staying on top of your cycle has never been easier or more fun with Spot On – a birth …

FDA cleared birth control app. Fertility & basal body temperature tracker

Spot On Period, Birth Control, – Apps on Google Play

7. jul. 2019 — NC° Birth Control · NC° Plan Pregnancy. ○ The #1 Rated Birth Control & Ovulation Temperature Tracker App in the US & UK.

A birth control and period tracker from Planned Parenthood

Natural Cycles App on the App Store

Clue Birth Control received FDA clearance as a medical device making it the world’s first FDA-cleared all-digital fertility awareness-based method of …

One year of Clue Birth Control

The app is developed directly from the CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) by the Division of Reproductive Health and covers more than 60 …

Getting closer to fulfilling our mission to make non-hormonal birth control accessible to everyone.

Contraception App – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Contraception App

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